Day Pampering In North Carolina

Among the most notable Californian customs is the act of taking some time out for pampering. After reading the information below, you will establish that finding a top-class day retreat in the northern part of California is not a problem at all.

Day Pampering In Northern California

If you fee stressed and need some therapeutic care and relaxation, it is highly possible that you need some pampering. The life in California can be stressful and many are times you will need some gentle massage or perhaps some facials to fight the stress that comes with overworking. Luckily though, it is highly possible that northern California has a day retreat that will meet all your needs.

About twenty minutes from Ventura’s downtown is the Oaks, a renowned health retreat located in Ojai. This spot offers a wide variety of treatments such as the sweet sounding Ojai Olive Oil Body Souffle. In addition to the ordinary wraps and facials, and the usual massages, they offer some useful packages, which include the mind-body package, and the head to toe package – both offer lots of wellness treatment and relaxation. Fitness and health-related consultations are also offered at this spot, together with such services as consultations regarding makeup. You can choose to stay at the retreat, or just treat it as a blissful day.

Newark’s California Skin Care and Day Spa is another retreat in the northern part of the state. Situated in the East Bay, this area also offers facials, massages, and body wraps, and some additional exciting services including tattoos (permanent make up), oxygen therapy, and such beauty services as eye lash extensions. Additionally, they have a number of spa packages including the Lavish in Romance and the Day in Paradise – services available as internet packages.

Irrespective of the package or retreat you have elected to go for, you are advised to book any particular treatment in advance – usually they recommend up to a month’s advance notification for some special services. Additionally, ensure that you confirm the time of your reservation for the services. As is the norm in the service industry, they may impose an additional fee for not showing up at your scheduled time.