Despite No Tourists, North Korea Opens Brand New Airport

Despite No Tourists, North Korea Opens Brand New Airport

North Korea may not have tourism, or much food, water and electricity but they do have a brand new airport! In keeping with a mandate from dictator Kim Jong-un, the hermit kingdom opened a brand new air transportation facility in the capital of Pyongyang, in the hopes of attracting visitors.

Photos of the country’s new airport have recently been released, complete with shopping and other elements. Photos revealed beer, candy, and espresso in the shops, which leader Kim Jong-un and his wife personally inspected.

There were three pages’ worth images of Kim Jong-un and his wife viewing the airport in Thursday’s Rodong Sinmun (the Workers’ Party newspaper).

Despite many people in the country living in deplorable conditions, North Korea has presented plans for new building projects, including a high-speed railway and motorway from Pyongyang to the airport.

The pricey new construction efforts come after the country said just this month that it was suffering a major drought, and food shortages were likely, although as we covered previously this seems to merely be a ploy for international aid.

The building has a glass front and is six times bigger than the previous terminal. However, there will not be many guests. Only a small number of flights hold Chinese tourists and North Korean business people between Pyongyang and a few locations.

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said Kim called the building a “landmark of the Songun [military-first] era,” and that he was “very satisfied to see the terminal well built in harmony with modern aesthetic taste and national character.”

After assuming his seat in 2011, Kim swore to improve his people’s standards of living. However, most of his projects are too expensive for North Koreans.

The new, elaborate airport will see its very few flights beginning on July 1st.

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