Donald Trump Says Bible Is “Favorite Book”; Won’t Quote Favorite Verse

In an effort to court Christian voters, Donald Trump brought a bible to a gathering of conservative evangelical Christians. This action came from a man who once said that the bible is his “favorite book” and then refused to quote his favorite bible verse.

Going after evangelical Christians seems unusual for Donald Trump, as the businessman built his brand largely on casinos and beauty pageants. Trump himself is a Presbyterian, and is currently leading Republican polls. However, his fellow candidates are quickly reducing his lead.

The Republican Presidential candidate spoke on Friday in front of more than 2,000 social conservative leaders at an event in Washington D.C. The event also attracted fellow Republican candidates Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz.

Trump once held a reputation as a womanizer, and has said in the past that he supported a woman’s right to have an abortion. Additionally, the fact that Trump is often calling Sunday morning talk shows suggests that he does not regularly attend church.

However, Trump maintains that the bible is his favorite book, but he once refused to quote his favorite biblical verse. This is rather unusual, as most regular readers of the Christian bible are happy to share their favorite verse.

Last June, Trump stated that he has never asked for forgiveness from God. He also described communion as his time to drink wine. As one would expect, many evangelical leaders have their doubts about Donald Trump.

Religious leader Russell Moore believes that the businessman’s candidacy is opposed to fundamental values of Christianity.

Moore said, “When one looks at the very serious moral character questions, from Trump’s involvement in the casino gambling industry all the way through to his attitude toward women, Donald Trump is the embodiment of everything that evangelical Christians have been standing against in American culture.”

Although doubters of Trump’s religious attitudes exist, the Presidential candidate is still working very hard to convince conservative Christians that he is legitimate. This upcoming Monday, Trump plans to host a group of evangelical pastors and bishops at the New York Trump Tower for a meeting of prayer.

And while some Christian leaders are skeptical of Trump, others are applauding his messages, which come at a time when many Christians believe that some followers are losing their values.

The billionaire has a history of supporting Christian causes. His foundation gave $100,000 to the Billy Graham Evangelist Association in 2012. He has also provided financial support to ministries throughout the country.

For now, Trump plans to continue his work to win the Christian vote.