Why do you think your party will be different than any others?

The whole reason we created Americans.org is to disrupt the political system that we have. It is completely void of common sense, doing what’s right for the American people and integrity. It needs to be built by Americans for Americans. We also think that our current representatives for the most part, get corrupt in the process. The amount of corruption in our political system is incredible

We are strongly for term limits for Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court.

We will also produce educational pieces that will anger our current politicians. It will be filled with facts and condense things down to position that everyone can understand.

Our political positions make common sense and work to support the American people.

Why should we take the risk to support you?

Unfortunately, in today’s political environment, it takes a lot of money to get candidates elected. We want to change that system by limiting the amount of money that a candidate can receive and use for this purpose. That will also take money.

Can I apply to be a candidate for an office? (local, state, federal)

If you are a person who believes in our positions and has integrity with common sense, we desperately want you to join us. We will do everything possible to help you win your election!

People are dying for candidates like this!!

PLEASE complete the form to be considered for a position

Who are you?

We are simply a group of Americans who are sick of complaining about the political system and truly want to do something about it!


Our goal it to reach $250,000 but we need your help! PLEASE pass this onto your friends.

We will only make a dent when we can compete financially!

We apologize for asking for donations, but we are not funded by a wealthy politician, so we need to raise our money from the grass roots.

We are created by Americans for Americans!

If you can give something, we greatly appreciate it! We cannot make an impact without your donations. Under the current situation, we need money and candidates to compete, so PLEASE help us! Thank you!!!!!

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