How to win a political argument and make a difference

AdobebStock by Heather Mount

It has been an few years since the signing in of the president, Donald Trump. I have seen more friendships go up in smoke than ever before since then. I have seen people attacking others, people name calling, people showing the absolute worst side of one another, all in the name of politics.

I have seen some things on social media that are downright racist being said by “so called” friends, it is sickening. I have also seen friends stand up for rights like never before, people who are truly afraid of what is going to become of our great nation. People drawing a line in the sand and saying this is not alright.

Me? Well I refuse to delete friends based on their political views, I believe this is America and we have the right to free speech, no matter how stupid I might think your views are or aren’t, you still have a right to post your feelings.

I believe in women’s rights, in a women right to have the say over her body. I believe in America being a melting pot, in what the Statue of Liberty stands for. I believe in freedom of speech.
I believe in equality for everyone. Who are you to judge and say only I get equality, based on what? Being white?

I believe we have the right to bear arms (But no one needs a gun that shoots 1000 rounds in 2 seconds, sorry)
I believe in the good in people, no matter what their race, religion or sexual preferences are.

I believe that we can all get along and love one another if we realize that we have so many similarities instead of differences. If we realize that we all bleed red.

The country is going crazy and we need now more than ever, to be tolerate of others points of view.
We also need to stand up for what is right, so if your passionate about what you believe in. Take all the time and energy you have in posting on social media, take a stand, protest, do what you have to, to have your voice be heard and what to show what you believe in.

Protest, start a change in your neighborhood, start a pay it forward action, do something good don’t just stir the shit pot.

Put your frigging money where your mouth is, volunteer, give back, start a movement, don’t just give it lip action, do something. Nothing changes when nothing changes…

It takes just one person to make a change…Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and so many other brave people who stood up and said enough is enough. They stood up and said I refuse to put up with this and I alone will be the first to stand up and say so….be that person.

Look I write this blog every day, thousands of people see my views, some will love me and some will hate me, that’s life but I am free to share them, no matter how you feel, that is what is so great about this country.

So today my friends remember why we love this great country so much, why people are willing to die to try to come here. It’s because we have freedom of speech, we get to say what we feel and guess what? We also get to not see what people say (There is a special button for that on social media, in case you didn’t know)

Let’s try to be tolerant of others points of view, let’s spread the word of love, compassion and tolerance instead of hate and anger.
Let’s start a worldwide movement of love…wow what a concept. Remember what I always say in every blog….
“Be the change you want to see”