Iran’s President Personally Unveiled A New Ballistic Missile On Live TV Last Night

Iran’s President Personally Unveiled A New Ballistic Missile On Live TV Last Night

Iran unveiled an upgraded version of its short-range solid fuel ballistic missile on Saturday, which can now more accurately pinpoint targets.

The Fateh-313 surface-to-surface missile was unveiled at a ceremony celebrating Iran’s Defense Industry Day and was attended by President Hassan Rouhani personally.

Rouhani proclaimed that military might was necessary for Iran to achieve peace in the Middle East.

State television carried footage of the missile being launched from an unknown location. The new missile is a successor to the Fateh-110. It boasts a quicker launch capability, a longer shelf life and can strike targets with pinpoint precision inside a 310 mile range.

While U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231 called on Iran not to undertake any development of ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons Iran maintains none of its missiles are designed for such a task.

Rouhani reconfirmed on Saturday that Iran won’t abide by another part of the resolution that contains an arms embargo against Iran for the next eight years.

“We will buy weapons from anywhere we deem necessary. We won’t wait for anybody’s permission or approval and won’t look at any resolution. And we will sell weapons to anywhere we deem necessary,” Rouhani said on a live broadcast on Saturday.

“Can we be indifferent … when there are special circumstances on our eastern, western, northern and southern borders,” Rouhani said, referring to fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the vicinity. “How can a weak country unable to stand up to the military power of neighbors, rivals and enemies achieve peace?”