Israel Launches Global Lawsuits Against Companies That Boycott It Over Genocide

Israel Launches Global Lawsuits Against Companies That Boycott It Over Genocide

The world is waking up to Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian people, with numerous recent events suggesting the genocide is becoming both well known and actively opposed by the international community.

The fact Israel killed over 500 Palestinian children last year alone, along with 1000 innocent civilians has led to boycotts by student unions and angry investors.

Yet rather than investigate the atrocities or stop them, a remote possibility given current Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly advocated for the extermination of the Palestinian people, Israel has instead decided it will sue anyone, anywhere, who won’t do business with its murderous regime.

On Wednesday, Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked announced the country is preparing to file lawsuits against activists who call for blacklisting the Jewish state because of its war crimes and genocide activities.

The truly bizarre and desperate looking tactic came after a review by the international department of the Justice Ministry found that although boycott activists have appealed to many courts in Western countries for sanctions against Israel, they have never succeed in obtaining a ruling in their favor.

The Ministry believes that legal circumstances, particularly in the United States, where a powerful Jewish lobby enjoys significant political and legal influence, present the option of suing activists with civil and criminal lawsuits for damaging Israeli trade.

Shaked has already instructed that the number of positions in the international department be doubled so that it can push ahead with the lawsuits as soon as possible.

The legal campaign is part of a wider plan to combat the international outcry over Israel atrocities being put together by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan.

“The boycott weapon is a double-edged sword. If you’re thinking of boycotting Israel, keep in mind that there are tens of millions of Israel supporters around the world — Jews and non-Jews — with considerable buying power and boycott power,” threatened Education Minister Naftali Bennett. “Whoever boycotts Israel will be boycotted. Whoever hits Israel, will be hit back. We will no longer remain silent.”

Israeli officials have been spurred into action after recent gains by supporters of the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement, known by the acronym BDS, which included comments by the director of major French communication Orange that he is keen to pull out of a partnership with Israel, and a vote by British students to support the boycott movement. The movement has led to many student groups, who are not affiliated with either Israel or Palestine, to take grassroots action to stop the human rights abuses in the Gaza strip.

The movement has even been stirred up inside the notoriously close-knit Israeli nation, as numerous current and former soldiers have recently gone on record outlining the murder of Palestinian children, women and unarmed males in a campaign of “indiscriminate killing”, according to a United Nations report.

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