Could Kanye West Soon Be Attending Therapy?

If Kim Kardashian has her way, husband Kanye West could soon end up in therapy! Reports indicate that Kim is fed up with the recent out-of-control behavior of her husband, and she now wants him to seek professional help.

In recent weeks, Kanye has attacked Taylor Swift with grossly offensive lyrics, thrown a tantrum on Saturday Night Live and asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion, all while crying out to everyone that he is the single greatest artist who has ever lived. Really, it’s no surprise that Kim has grown tired of these shenanigans.

While Kim was initially supportive of her husband and thought the reports were funny, she is now both angry and concerned. Kim has even asked Kanye to seek therapy in order to get a grip on himself and control his behavior.

Not only that, it seems that the famous couple’s marriage as a whole is turning sour. It seems that Kim didn’t know just how warped Kanye’s mind was when she married him. Those close to the couple are starting to question just how long the two can keep up a happy image before it all comes crashing down.

Although Kanye has long been very well known for going on ridiculous rants and stroking his enormous ego, his recent episodes have been downright weird and troubling. Indeed, it fully appears that the ego-trip that is Kanye West is spiraling fully out of control.

But while Kim has insisted that her husband seek professional help, Kanye has not yet committed himself to any sort of treatment. Still, that hasn’t stopped Kim from trying.