LA Pride Parade is Cancelled Again This Year

La Pride

This is the second year in a row that the LA Pride parade will be cancelled however, there will be other ways to celebrate!

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This pandemic has gone on for what feels like forever. Unfortunately, there is cancelling of Pride festivals and other celebrations all over the world.

Despite the rapidly improving COVID-19 situation, it will be another year without the country’s oldest and largest LGBTQ celebration. Even though new infections and hospitalizations have been in decline, large-scale events like this take months of planning.

Planners of  the LA Pride parade are unsure of how the situation will be once summer rolls around. As safety is the number 1 priority, there isn’t an efficient way of knowing if these improvements are only temporary.

On the bright side however, there will be some online events to attend!

Virtual La Pride events

Despite there not being any physical festivities this year, celebrate Pride with some of these livestreams!

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Christopher Street West TikTok Concert 

The nonprofit organization that produces LA Pride will be putting on a livestream concert via Tiktok.

This event will take place on the app, June 10th. The show is called Thrive with Pride and will include special guests like Charli XCX!

TV Specials 

KABC-TV will be hosting a television special at 9 p.m on June 12th. Be sure not to miss out!

Volunteer Opportunities

Additionally, Los Angeles Pride will be launching a month-long give-back campaign. There will be heaps of opportunities to volunteer, donate goods or give money!

Each week will have a different focus; food, shelter, climate and mental health. There will also be locations collecting donated goods like clothing and nonperishable food items!

All black lives matter
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Underlying issues with la pride

Last year, there was major scrutiny and criticism facing LA Pride. Christopher West Street did not contact Black Lives Matter organization before announcing their solidarity march.

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, many were uneasy with the large law enforcement presence at the event.

Ultimately, most of the organizer and corporate sponsors withdrew their permit applications. The festivities were taken over by the All Black Lives Matter march that was organized by Black LGBTQ people.

However, in July 2020, Christopher Street West declared that Pride wouldn’t be returning to West Hollywood. After more than four decades in the LGBTQ+ friendly area, the new location has yet to be announced.

How will you be celebrating pride this year?

Despite the cancellation of the Pride Parade, there is still plenty of ways to take part.

How are you celebrating this year? If your city doing something safe and special? Let us know in the comments!

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