Legal Marijuana Sales Commence In Oregon

Oregon has started its sale of recreational marijuana. Dispensaries in the state are now selling the drug to adults, even those without a medical marijuana card. Oregon joins Colorado and Washington as the only states that have legalized cannabis for recreational use.

You can be sure that these dispensaries celebrated in a big way. The marijuana shops opened their doors at midnight, as soon as cannabis became legal in the state.

Thousands of adults over the age of 21 flocked to the stores to purchase the herb.

Owners of dispensaries said that their customers seemed particularly eager. Some of the first customers had been waiting outside for hours.

Customers described the dispensaries as beautiful and they said that the workers were very upbeat and happy.

Meanwhile, dispensary owners are somewhat concerned about the possibility of product shortages and price increases that occurred when Washington and Colorado began their own legal sales.

Elsewhere, Alaska could start retail sales of its own next year.

As for Oregon, dispensaries lured in eager customers with extended business hours, free food, and discounts on products.

Dispensary owner Shane McKee said, “I think it’s not only historical for folks in Oregon but nationwide, anytime people start selling that as an alternative to alcohol or tobacco.”

McKee’s store offered the first 25 customers discounts between 35% and 40%. The store also offered customers refreshments.

Additionally, marijuana purchases will be tax-free until next year, giving customers another reason to shop early. By buying cannabis now, customers will save up to 20%.

Other dispensaries gave out goody bags, and another had a live band. Stores are also appearing on billboards and advertising on the radio.

Customers are permitted to purchase as much as seven grams of marijuana at a time. On the street, this is commonly known as a “quarter”. Shoppers can also purchase seeds to grow their own marijuana.

However, customers will not yet be able to purchase marijuana-infused products, such as brownies, as legislators continue to hammer out the legal regulations regarding such products. These products are currently able to be purchased by people with a medical marijuana card.

Meanwhile, companies have invested large sums of money to purchase warehouses to grow marijuana. Oregon has some of the best weather conditions in the nation to grow cannabis.

But for now, the stoner culture in Oregon is certainly celebrating.