15 Gift Ideas Perfect For Her


Women are complex beings that require a certain finesse and tactic to handle; and that is just in everyday life. Their moods, likes, and dislikes are constantly in flux and that is what makes them so lovable and enticing. But, that is also what makes them nearly impossible to shop for. They may love something for a time but later that thing may be considered "so yesterday."

Only those who truly know her can choose a gift that she will love and appreciate. The kind of gift she will love is a gift that is the perfect mix of fun, useful, and that was picked with her in mind. This list of 15 gifts that are perfect for her from Hammacher.com will give you the jump start you need to picking the perfect gift.

The Bluetooth Suction Cup Speaker

Women love singing in the shower and with the Bluetooth Suction Cup Speaker she will be able to jam even better to her favorite music. The speaker is Bluetooth capable, water-resistant, and secures instantly to smooth surfaces with the speaker’s suction cup. It is about the size of a baseball and can sync to a smartphone or tablet from over 30 feet away. The speaker can also stick to cars, refrigerators, counter tops,and even pools in addition to shower walls and sounds amazingly clear. It can bring any gathering to life. The speaker is rechargeable for up to eight hours and has a built in microphone for making and receiving calls.86906_1000x1000