15 Gift Ideas Perfect for Him


Anyone who has ever had to buy a gift for a guy knows that that task is one of the hardest things to do. Men are these simple yet very complicated beings that right when you think you've figured them out go and surprise you. They have very well hidden layers and are more sentimental than they let on. Its the job of those close to them to unravel the mystery.

Anyone can get him a tie or socks but if you really want to show the guy in your life that you care and know them beyond the superficial, get something that speaks to who they are. Whether its a dad, brother, uncle, grandpa, boyfriend, or best friend these 15 gift ideas for him from Hammacher.com are fun, practical, and meaningful.


The Hoopster’s Free Throw Mug

This Christmas gift finally gives grown men with an active inner child permission to play with their food… at least the foods that include liquids anyway. The Hoopster’s Free Throw mug is an over-sized mug that resembles a basketball. The mug comes with a built-in mini basketball hoop attached to the back of the handle that is the perfect size for cereal free throws, cracker dunks, and marshmallow three-point shots. The mug itself was, of course, created by an eight year-old as an art class project before it became popular and now it can be enjoyed by “kids” of all ages.87227_1000x1000