8 Trends that scream douche bag


Have you ever asked yourself what is it that differentiates a douche bag from a normal man? Have you asked a friend how can they tell if someone is a douche or not?  Have you ever wondered why some lady just called you a douche bag? If you find yourself asking any of these questions here are 9 Douche bag Techniques that will help you spot a douche bag from a mile away.

Three or more of these, and all your questions will be answered.

8. The “Hater Blockers”

Sunglasses at night have always been a baffling fashion trend. Sunglasses also known as shades are “glasses” specifically made to “shade” your eyes from the “sun”. So why has it become a thing for men to wear them at night when there is in fact NO SUN at that time of day? Can you even see? Isn’t that a safety hazard? The answers to those questions are; who knows, probably not, and most definitely! Yet, those daring individuals continue to wear them proudly and unapologetically no matter what anybody says. If it wasn’t so ridiculous it would be kind of inspiring.images