The App Economy Now Provides Free Fitness Tracking That Was Once Only Available To Professional Athletes


It used to be only Olympic athletes and professional sports players that had access to detailed, computer driven fitness tracking. This gave them a huge edge over amateurs who lacked this technology but the smartphone revolution has completely changed this.

This new set of apps, combined with wearable health trackers, offer a level of performance measurement that was previously only available to professional athletes. Best of all most of this cutting edge technology is now totally free!

Our editors have cut through the hype and researched the best apps for a variety of workout programs and fitness activities that deliver pro levels results without the usual pro level price tag.


1. Strava Running and Cycling - Strava is much more than the regular run-tracking app. The running and cycling tracker, available for free on both Android and iOS platforms, combines your recorded speeds and distances with other challenges and achievements, making your workout have more of a gamer's atmosphere. The option to create exercise goals comes with a premium subscription.