Move Over Octomom, New Mom Gives Birth to 9 Babies

gives birth to 9 babies

A 25 year old Malian women gives birth to 9 babies, beating out 2009 Guinness World Record holder, Octomom.

New mom, Halima Cisse gives birth to 9 babies in Morocco. The Mali government had to fly her in, in order for her to receive special care.

During the time of birth, the doctors discovered two more babies than had been detected earlier

gives birth to 9 babies
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in 2009, Nadya Suleman gave birth to eight babies. Until now Suleman was the world record holder for the most children delivered in a single birth to survive.

She had conceived these children through in vitro fertilization and all the children are now the age of 12!

Only two other sets of nonuplets have ever been recorded. One in Australia 1971 as well as another in Malaysia in 1999.

Unfortunately, none of the babies survived more than a couple of days.


a Pleasant surprise

Cisse’s husband told BBC “I’m very happy, my wife and the babies are doing well.”

The pregnancy has been a subject of fascination. Initially thought only seven babies, Mali’s health minister congratulated the medical team calling it a “happy outcome”.

The government had to intervene as they were concerned for the mother and the babies chances of survival. After two weeks in the hospital in Bamako, Cisse had to be moved to Morocco on March 30th.

After a long five weeks, she gave birth by C-section on Tuesday.

The Happy couple

Cisse’s husband, Adjudant Kadar Arby says the family has been overwhelmed by the support and love they have received.

“Everybody called me!… The Malian authorities called expressing their joy… Even the president called me.”

The family can expect to head home in several weeks with their nine new babies.

How do these unusual pregnancies occur?

Generally speaking, these types of pregnancies do not occur naturally. Usually as a result of fertility treatment like in vitro fertilization.

Multiple births tend to be risky for both the babies and the mother. It is recommended that mothers’ carrying more than four babies reduce that number.

Most of these pregnancies that involve large numbers of babies usually end in premature births.

Consequently, premature babies often develop problems such immature lungs and are more prone to infections.

Additionally, Longer term pregnancies with multiple babies are more likely to develop cerebral palsy.


To sum up, an overall fascinating story! Congratulations to the new parents as well as the medical team!

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