The Stages Of Eclampsia

The Stages Of Eclampsia

Pregnancy is a very difficult stage in a woman’s life, and having a medical disorder during this time makes it even worse. Pre-eclampsia is a disorder which can occur in a woman’s body during or after she’s pregnant. It is a serious disorder, and if one of the symptoms are seen, it needs to be taken into consideration.

The condition usually takes place during the time of the pregnancy of the woman’s first child, and it does not necessarily shows any symptoms of its existence. There is only one possible way to identify if a woman has pre-eclampsia or not, and that is through an eclamptic convulsion.

An eclamptic convulsion has four stages:

Phase 1: Usually the first stage of eclampsia goes unnoticed by the woman if she is not attentive regarding the disorder. The first unusual activity the woman performs is a slight twitching of her face muscle and her hand muscle, along with rolling her eyes.


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