Ten Off The Radar Places You Need To Visit This Summer

#1  Yellowstone


It’s not exactly off the beaten path in terms of fame, but its remote location makes it a little tougher to get to. Yet once you fly into Jackson Hole (JAC) or Yellowstone Airport (WYS), you’ll be glad you did. The first national park in the world, Yellowstone, is a renowned sight to behold. Check out the magnificent Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, which is 20 miles long and one of the most scenic highlights at Yellowstone.

You’ll also want to check out the geysers and hike some of the pristine trails. There’s plenty of hiking for all levels and you can charter a guide if you want to get off the beaten path a little bit. Yellowstone is rugged and remote, so with all the beauty comes an element of danger – this is wild, so if you head into the bush make sure you either take a guide or know exactly what you’re doing.