U.S. Army Finds Another Batch Of Live Anthrax As Scandal Worsens

The Army’s anthrax mishandling scandal continues to widen, as we first suspected, as another batch of live anthrax has been discovered. The new batch is genetically the same as the live samples sent to Australia from the Army’s Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah.

A new revelation is that defense officials are beginning to explain just how the mishap happened. According to an interview with NBC, defense officials believed that the anthrax spores had been irradiated to kill them in 2008.

Experts confirm that it is very difficult to inactivate a large batch of anthrax spores and that this is a persistent problem across U.S. labs. While the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says no member of the public is in danger, people potentially exposed to the anthrax spores are taking antibiotics.

The news is troubling because defense officials have continually downplayed the incident, despite daily updates that it continues to be worse than originally suspected. It appears that the government departments are not fully informing American citizens the true danger the Army has put people in.

Additional details on the incident are likely the emerge in the coming days and we will keep readers updated on the latest developments.