Vanessa Bryant Calls Out Nike Over Leaked Shoes

Vanessa Bryant MAMBACITA

Vanessa Bryant calls out Nike after sneakers meant to honor her daughter, Gianna Bryant, become available online. The unauthorized product faces criticism of profiting off the late basketball player.

Vanessa Bryant has had a truly devastating few years. As her grieving process continues, she must stay vigilant that her husband Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna are honored.

Vanessa Bryant Alleges Nike leaked unauthorized sneakers

Bryant is calling out Nike for releasing an ‘unauthorized’ shoe. Moreover, she is claiming the sneakers did not receive approval to be manufactured or sold.

Vanessa Bryant

In an Instagram post, Vanessa Bryant accuses Nike of selling MAMBACITA shoes that did not receive approval for sale.

Additionally, her original goal with the shoes was that they be sold in honor of her daughter and have all the proceeds benefiting her Mamabacita Sports Foundation.

She also states that she did not re-sign the Nike contract and decided not to sell the shoes. According to a report by ESPN, the Bryant family felt the terms of the new contract did not meet up to the standards of previous contracts.

Additionally, Bryant shared photos to her Instagram. One image of Milwaukee Bucks player Khris Middleton wearing the shoes. Another photo shows a tweet from Breacher report that said the shoes would be “releasing later in the year.”

Vanessa Bryant

Professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Shawn Grain Cater said “Although the shoe is a tribute to her late daughter, Gianna Bryant, if the legal contract to product and distribute the shoe permits the sale of the fashion product, the publicity leak might simply be in poor taste, but not illegal.”¬†

A shop in the UK known as FootPatrol is said to have several pairs of the sneakers available.

Additionally, the sneakers in question are sold out on resale marketplaces Goat and Flight Club.

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