Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? – Should You Worry?

why do dogs eat grass

The reason why dogs eat grass is somewhat of a mystery. However, there are potential reasons that might explain this weird behavior. This is everything you need to know about why your dog is eating grass and if there is cause to see a vet.

It’s not exactly known why dogs eat grass in the first place. Are they hungry? Bored? Sick? Does eating grass hurt them? First of all, don’t worry because you’re not alone with this concern. Many vets have speculated and have come up with some potential explanations.

Some studies actually show that 79% of dogs that have regular access to plants and grass have eaten the plants at some time. Additionally, a survey about plant-eating dogs shows that grass is the most commonly ingested plant.

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

There may be a variety of reasons as to why your dog is eating grass. A common belief is that dogs eat grass when they aren’t feeling well. However, it is unlikely that dogs understand whether or not grass will make them feel better. Here are some potential reasons why your dog may be eating grass.

Psychological Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass

  1. Bored, Stressed or Upset – Some vets believe dogs snack on grass when they are anxious, bored or unhappy. Dogs may eat grass when they feel alone or to get their owners attention.
  2. Instincts – Ancient wild dogs would eat whatever they can hunt or find, including the stomach content of prey. It is thought that todays wolves even eat grass. Dogs that eat grass instinctively don’t usually vomit afterward.
  3. They Like The Taste – Some dogs just like the taste. Just like how some dogs like to eat poop, it could simply be because it’s a yummy snack.

Physical Reasons Why Dogs Eat Grass

  1. Dietary Response – It could be possible that dogs who eat grass need more fiber in their diet. If your dog eats grass right after a meal, they may not be digesting properly. Grass can give them fiber that is necessary for digesting food. Consider upgrading your dogs food to something high in fiber.
  2. Upset Stomach – This is the most common belief as to why dogs consume grass. Sometimes eating grass results in vomiting which can be a way to relieve an upset stomach. Vets aren’t sure if grass eating and vomiting are linked. However, most dogs are completely fine before or after eating grass.
  3. Stomach Issues – If your dog is displaying symptoms of stomach problems, take them to a vet. Dogs can have very serious stomach and digestive disorders but are often easily treated.
why do dogs eat grass
Puppies Who Eat Grass

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Constantly Grass and Throws Up

If your dog is regularly vomiting after eating grass take them to a vet and get them checked for parasites. Try to curb this behavior by watching your dog when they are outside. Additionally, ensure they aren’t chewing on grass that was treated with pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

As long as your dog isn’t eating dangerous chemicals or getting parasites, eating grass is usually fine. At your regular vet visits, bring up the issue just to be sure there isn’t an underlying issue.

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