Apple Releases First Android App, To Help Users Leave Android

Apple Releases First Android App, To Help Users Leave Android

Apple and its CEOs have never been shy about their disdain for Android, the rival smartphone operating system created by Google.

At virtually every press conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook takes at least one potshot at Android’s fragmentation or its poor app store monetization strategy.

Of course Apple thinks everyone should be on an iPhone and couldn't imagine any reason to not be using all Apple products.

At yesterday's yearly Apple pilgrimage, known as World Wide Developers Conference, Apple quietly announced that with the release of iOS9, it iPhone operating system, it will also release its first and only Android app.

But this is hardly a peace offering, as the app's sole purpose is to make it easy for users to back up contacts, calendar information, bookmarks, photos and videos, messages, mail accounts, wallpapers and installed apps, for transition to iPhone.

Literally named 'Move to iOS', the app uploads all your information to iCloud, which will then transfer all your settings, contacts and even installed apps onto your brand new iPhone.

As a final snub to Google, Apple will also happily accept Android phones for recycling at any of its retail locations.

Interestingly, Apple will be releasing another app shortly for Android. It announced plans to release its Apple Music service to the Google-run platform, which is a first for the company.

The moves suggest that as Google's Android dominates market share, Apple is looking for subtle yet effective ways to migrate Android users to its platform. Apple Music is a good way to do this, as Apple will then have an Apple account will all personal details and billing information.

From there its just a phone purchase and a 'Move To iOS' download away from making you a fully fledged Apple customer.

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