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We believe in the constitution of the United States and the freedom and liberty of all its citizens. We are all Americans, united!

We believe that the respect for all of our citizens and their rights are equally shared and we respect their religion, ethnic background and sexual orientation. This wonderful mix of our people is what has made this country great!

We believe in individual rights of all individuals in critically important in a democracy.

We believe strongly in a democracy where voting access and participation is key; where results are not contested due to the process.

We believe that we are governed by a secular body and all individual freedoms are respected and valued.

We believe that this country has become great due to our accepting people from all over with open arms. We became this way due to a legal immigration process that people follow. Our country was built on this.

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Our goal it to reach $250,000 but we need your help! PLEASE pass this onto your friends.

We will only make a dent when we can compete financially!

We apologize for asking for donations, but we are not funded by a wealthy politician, so we need to raise our money from the grass roots.

We are created by Americans for Americans!

If you can give something, we greatly appreciate it! We cannot make an impact without your donations. Under the current situation, we need money and candidates to compete, so PLEASE help us! Thank you!!!!!

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