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organization tips

Say goodbye to clutter and the stress of not being able to find things with these organization tips. Watch as your life becomes so much easier with these simple tricks and tips. 

Being organized looks different to everyone and there isn’t one way of organizing. It is a personal process that allows us to find things easily, keep clean and enable efficiency. There are heaps of benefits to organizing and becoming more organized. Additionally, there are many different ways we can organize our lives.

The definition of organization means to put things together in a logical order. This can be how we arrange our desks and even how we manage our thoughts or moods. We could color code all of our files or becoming more efficient in order to improve areas of our lives. These organization tips will help you declutter, become more productive and even help you find stability. 

Benefits of Organization

Whether you are trying to organize your time, office, home or finances, it pays off to become more organized. Here are several benefits to organization that can help you clean up some areas of your life.

Organization and Mental Health

Organizing can help with mental health. Not only does it help us become more productive and focused, it also allows to become more goal oriented. When organize our lives we are able to decrease time spent looking for or shopping for things. It also always to increase our time with ourselves, family or friends. This in turn can help minimize stress, irritation and confusion all of which can have negative side affects to our mental health.

Saving Money

When we can’t find things or buy things last minute do to poor planning, we spend more than necessary. If we plan better and organize our time more efficiently we can save money by being prepared.

Increase Productivity & Concentration

Organizing our lives can help us become more productive and aid in concentration. A desk full of clutter can hinder us from getting work done and cause more stress in the long run. A workspace and home free from clutter allows more room for positive energy. Additionally, organizing can help us get the job done much more successfully.

Organization Tips

Now that we have covered just a few of the many benefits of organizing we can move on to some tips and tricks. These organization tips will allow you to keep your home tidy and allow you to focus on what is important.

One Place At A Time

Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Get started one area at a time. If you go too hard at the beginning and start with multiple places at once, you could burn yourself out and lose motivation to continue organizing. Start with the place that you spend the most time in and go from there. Once you complete one area, celebrate and then continue to the next.

Clean House

Once you start working on the first area you’ve chosen to organize, don’t be scared to clean house. This means donate, throw out or sell anything you don’t need/use anymore. To help you figure out what to keep or toss, use the two year rule – if you haven’t used/worn it in two years, it’s time to say bye. These items are taking up space that you can use for things you actually need.

Divide Space

Adding shelves or by using stack-able containers can divide space, which makes that area more efficient. When you divide space, you avoid stacks or piles of clothes, paper or other items. This can help reduce the stress of unsightly clutter and allow you to find things more easily.

Visibility, Accessibility & Flexibility

The three rules of organization are visibility, flexibility and accessibility. Here is what these organization tips refer to:

  • Visibility – Choose transparent containers or use labels to help you identify what’s inside immediately.
  • Accessibility – Make sure the items you need most often are within reach. Additionally, place items you don’t use as frequently on a higher shelf or different area.
  • Flexibility – Use a storage system that can adapt or change with your needs. Doing this will allow you to find more solutions to your storage/organization needs.

Vertical Space

Just like dividing space, think vertical. Vertical means upward, so look at your wall space and see just how much of the area you may not be utilizing. If you are in a small apartment or office, this will create much more room. Additionally, this will also help you store things you need less often in higher places.

Check out these vertical shelves to help you maximize space! 


When making good use of drawer space, use drawer dividers to break up each drawer into compartments. Avoid cluttered drawers and reduce the amount of time it takes to look for things. This is especially useful in the kitchen where it can become very easy for drawers to be over crowded.

Check out these drawer compartments to help you reduce cluttered drawers. 

Camouflage Pet Gear

We love our furry friends, but their pet gear can become unsightly. If you have a cat, the litter box can throw a whole area into chaos. Look for monochrome options for pet gear to help keep an area looking clean and organized. You can do this by installing a cabinet with a drawer for water and food as well as a spot for the litter box or bed.

Check out this pet station to help keep your home looking clean. 

Folding Technique

Your folding technique could be taking up more of your space than you realize. There are several ways to fold clothes that helps you maximize every drawer.

File Folding – This works great for towels and even t-shirts. Folding them upright into files can help you see everything you need at a single glance. You can even take the time to color code from dark to light for extra organization.

Color Coordinate

One of the easiest organization tips for students or adults is to color coordinate. Using files that are separated by color allows for instant recognition and helps with visibility. Take it one step further by adding labels to find exactly what you need with barely any searching.

Check out these color code files for all your office organization needs!

Clear Containers

Clear container help keep things visible and aid with accessibility. Whether you have storage space or not, using clear containers can help make things much more efficient. Additionally, they appear more clean and aesthetically pleasing than keeping the original packaging.

Check out these clear containers for your kitchen! 

Lazy Susan’s

Lazy Susan’s make things much more easy to find. You’ll never have to reach deep into a cabinet because you can just do a quick spin to find what you’re looking for. Everything is within reach when you use a spinning table or rotating cabinet.

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Heel to Toe

When storing shoes, use the rule heel to toe. Doing this maximizes space and allows more room for more shoes! You can also coordinate your shoes by style, color, or how often you wear them.

Double Hangers

Running out of closet space? Use double hangers to help increase the room in your closet. All you need is a simple can tab to create double hangers.

Check out these double hangers!

Cord Hooks

Conceal cords with hooks. Free cords can hinder great décor with ease. Tiny adhesive hooks can help camouflage unruly cords and prevent potential tangles. If you have a cat or dog that likes to chew cords, this will also help reduce the cost of having to replace electronics.

Check out these adhesive cord hooks!

Door Hanging Racks

If you are running out of space or don’t have room for a coat hanger, use a door hanging rack to hang your coats, hats or scarves. This is a great way to occupy unused space and keep clutter from piling up outside your doorways. Additionally, these work great in bathrooms or closets for additional storage.

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Under-Bed Storage

Another area that often goes unused, is under the bed. You can purchase a bedframe with storage or create your own with sliding drawers. This can help you keep extra clothes, blankets or anything else you need to find a home for.

Check out these under-bed storage sliding drawers!

organization tips

Final Thoughts

These organization tips are meant to help simplify your life and maximize your space. There are so many benefits to organization. Not only does it help reduce clutter but it decreases stress that comes along with it. Organize your life  by managing your time with a day planner, or make use of all the vertical spaces at home.

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