Unlikely Heroes, Goats Prevent Wildfires

goats prevent wildfires

As wildfires worsen across the west, these animals are working to stop them in their tracks. Goats prevent wildfires in numerous ways, one of which is adorable!  

Wildfires have become more destructive and devastating in recent years, all thanks to climate change. Humans are the leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution that largely attributes to the rapid acceleration of the climate crisis. However, there is an unlikely climate activist on the scene to help prevent these extreme fires. Goats prevent wildfires in unconventional but effective ways.

How can Goats Prevent Wildfires?

These unlikely climate change heroes work to prevent wildfires by eating and clearing away brush before it can become fuel for raging fires. One 100-pound goat can consume up to 12 pounds of green brush in a single day.

One goat herder has about 560 adult and baby goats out in California working their way to clear 6,700 pounds of brush. One of Mike Canaday’s herd is hard at work, while at his ranch in California around 10 thousand sheep and goats wait their turn.

Goats can stretch their necks 7 feet to bite branches and low lying leaves. They can eat poison oak and even clear rocky cliffs. This is something most other livestock cannot do. Goats prevent wildfires in ways that are much easier to control than other methods. All that is required is a fence, a shepherd and a couple of dogs.

As the droughts across California worsen, wildfires become much more devastating and dangerous. They not only harm wildlife and people, they also cause severe levels of poor air quality. Goats prevent wildfires because they actually prefer to eat brush over grass – they like their food at eye level. 

Additionally, its not just brush they’re clearing. Many communities were able to remove trash and debris that was hidden within the foliage. Goats work together by having one goat stand up and pull a branch down for the others to chow down on. Another benefit of using goats instead of brush clearing machinery is noise control. Many people who come into these parks go their for peace and quiet. Unlike heavy machinery goats are relatively quiet.

Bottom line

The reality is that as climate change worsens, so will wildfires. These unlikely climate helpers are working their way to clear as much brush as they can. Goats prevent wildfire by eating and chowing down on acres of land prone to fires. They are much more quiet than other methods and also help to identify trash and debris left behind from humans in the area. This is a green solution that is cost effective, efficient and cute!

goats prevent wildfires

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