The Equestrian Capital, Wellington Florida and Everything You Need To Know

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Who would have thought, the equestrian capital of the world, would be little Wellington Florida? The whose who in the equestrian industry comes down for the season to partake in Grand Prix shows or events at the Polo club. Here is everything you need to know about Wellington Florida. 

Full of luxurious equestrian facilities and exclusive Grand Prix showgrounds, Wellington Florida has quickly become the Equestrian mecca. What was once just a small area of farmland, just 15 miles from Palm Beach Island, now is winter paradise for riders and horses. From December to April, equestrians from all over the world descend to Wellington to compete in world-class competitions. Some of the worlds wealthiest come down to the equestrian capital where dressage and show jumping are more popular and highly televised.

Are you thinking of joining the most elite equestrians in Wellington Florida? Here is everything you need to know!

The Equestrian Capital, Wellington Florida

Plenty of new lavish equestrian centers are trying to replicate Wellingtons recipe, but will they succeed? Many riders don’t think Wellington will have much competition when it comes to the international show grounds.

1. Wellington is The Winter Equestrian Capital Of The World

Approximately, 75% of world-class equestrians, world wide, come to Wellington. It has and continues to evolve to welcome more and more cultures and nationalities. It’s a community of like-minded athletes who share a passion for riding and want to fully embrace the sport as well as the amazing weather. It’s social, sport and sun, you can’t beat it!

2. Royalty and Polo

At hunter jumper shows in Wellington, you can find celebrity royalty competing and spectating. Bruce Springsteen’s daughter Jessica, competes and keeps her horses in Wellington. Even Bill Gates has property here and his daughters compete as well. Some of the worlds wealthiest and most famous have property in Wellington or around Palm Beach Island. If you’re lucky you might be able to see them out and about at local show grounds!

3. There Are More Horses Than People

It’s estimated that there are over 7,500 horses in Wellington and about 2,500 riders. That number increases annually, but it’s safe to say that most competitive riders have at least 3-4 horses. That is no cheap feat either. It is not uncommon for a horse to cost over $100,000 and that doesn’t even include the annual cost of care, food and shelter. However, a horse that costs $60,000 can still win any show of the week!

4. Ocala Vs. Wellington

Ocala is about 250 miles North of Wellington and now offers the World Equestrian Centre. They have said they are not trying to compete with Wellington for the equestrian capital, but instead they are setting a new standard and community. Some are saying that Ocala has nothing on Wellington, but we will just have to wait and find out.

5. Constant Evolution

Every year more and more nationalities, cultures and age groups come down to Wellington. Welcoming all walks of life, the equestrian capital is all about the shared passion of horses. It doesn’t matter where you come from just so long as you are crazy about riding and competing.

6. Not Just a Sport, But a Lifestyle

It’s not just about a sport, but it is an equestrian lifestyle. Showgrounds will offer everything from food trucks to high-end luxury boutiques like Hermes. Nothing is off limits in Wellington, it is a place for everyone within the equestrian industry. Mark Bellissimo, one of Wellingtons founders and developers, turned the town into a lifestyle destination.

Will you be at the equestrian capital, Wellington Florida this winter?

Are you ready to take your equestrian passion to the next level this winter? Head down to Wellington but don’t forget to plan early. Stables fill up fast and prices skyrocket as the season approaches.

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