About Americans

We are ALL

A mericans!


We are facing a dangerous time in our society!

We are not a party started by former POLITICIANS, we are started by YOU,
the average American!

  • We are a point in our society where our systems, media and our execution promote division. Many minority leaders are only compensated to promote division.
  • Neither party is incented to resolve issues, they are only designed to throw darts at each other and tear each other down and to get reelected!
  • The structure of our current political system is set up to produce extremists for candidates, so we are destined to select either a strong conservative or strong liberal. Most Americans do not want this.
  • We honor our constitution and its intent.

Compromising is the only way to get things DONE!

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Our goal it to reach $250,000 but we need your help! PLEASE pass this onto your friends.

We will only make a dent when we can compete financially!

We apologize for asking for donations, but we are not funded by a wealthy politician, so we need to raise our money from the grass roots.

We are created by Americans for Americans!

If you can give something, we greatly appreciate it! We cannot make an impact without your donations. Under the current situation, we need money and candidates to compete, so PLEASE help us! Thank you!!!!!

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