Do Healing Crystals Really Work?

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Healing crystals have been booming in popularity in the recent years. However, do they really help improve our overall health?

There is a lot of scepticism towards healing crystals and their effectiveness. Whether you’re crystal curious or just looking for answers, here is everything you need to know about how healing stones work.

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Healing Crystals as a psuedoscience

While there is no actual scientific evidence of healing crystals curing disease, there is evidence that crystals do radiate with energies.

Typically, crystals are attributed to the placebo affect. When using these stones we are putting our faith that they will give us some form of relief or energy.

The use of these stones is typically used in combination with other alternative therapies like meditation, chakra work, massage therapy as well as many others.

how do they work?

According to experts, healing crystals act as a threshold for healing and positive energy. In addition, they can help us with depression and anxiety by allowing us to focus these negative energies onto the stones.

Essentially, using healing stones is channeling your energy levels and focusing on healing the body from the inside.

Crystals also produce the placebo affect which is actually proven to aid with medical treatment.

Each rock has its own special composition and vibration frequency. These vibrations and energies actually boost our moods, ease our minds and uplift our health.

How to use healing crystals?

There are many ways to use healing stones. The simplest way to use and obtain the healing properties of these stones is to use them in combination with meditation.

Simple sit in a comfortable position while holding your stone and repeat intentions or affirmations. Ask the crystal or the universe to ease whatever trouble you are experiencing. If you are looking to gain insight, guidance or boost confidence and ease depression focus those intentions onto the stone.

Additionally, you can include aromatherapy with your meditation or to your environment. Choose an essential oils to add to a diffuser or even add droplets to the crystal itself.

Lastly, you can use these crystals in a Feng Shui practice. Feng Shui is the Chinese art and science of energy flow throughout an environment. Depending on where you place your stone, affects the energy flows and properties you’ll be able to gain.

How to choose a healing crystal?

With so many stones to choose from, picking the right one can be very difficult. There are actually a few ways you can choose the perfect healing crystal for you.

First Sight 

When you walk into a crystal shop, the first crystal you are drawn to is typically the one you should purchase. It is often said “you don’t choose the crystal, the crystal choose you”

Zodiac or Birth Stones

Pick a zodiac stone. Zodiac stones are the crystals that match up with your zodiac sign. This will help make your search more efficient. You can find zodiac stones here!

Take a Quiz

Moreover, take a crystal test. If you’re shopping online, have done some research but still can’t narrow it down. Take a “what crystal do I need” quiz. Here is an easy quiz, that takes less than 5 minutes!

Popular Crystals to get you started


This gorgeous purple crystal is a universal stone for everyone. It is considered protective, healing and rejuvenating. It is great for meditation work as well as a great decoration piece for your home!


citrine crystals 


Looking for a stone that will boost your self-esteem and give you positive energy? A ray of sunshine, Citrine comes in lovely orange and yellow colours. It is great for bringing good energies into the home.


Clear Quartz Cluster 

Clear Quartz

This stone is referred to as the “master healing”. It is said to amplify energies by storing, releasing and regulating it. In addition, Clear Quartz can help boost memory and stimulate the immune system.


Jade healing stone


The healing properties of this stone help with emotional and mental healing. Jade provides soothing energies which help with irritability and negativity.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the love stone. It benefits those in need of reassurance and trust in relationships. Additionally, this stone encourages unconditional love!


Overall, healing crystals are for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional medicine. Of course, these stones don’t replace medication or medical treatments.

There are many ways to choose a stone and there is an abundance of crystals to choose from. When choosing a stone keep an open mind.

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