European Weapons Makers Attend Russian Arms Show Despite Strict Sanctions

European Weapons Makers Attend Russian Arms Show Despite Strict Sanctions

Ignoring the existing western sanctions against Russia, many aircraft makers from Europe gladly accepted an invite to participate in the MAKS-2015 global air show that launched in Moscow on Tuesday and will continue through Sunday.

Its opening three days are deemed to be business days for security industry executives, and the show opens to the common public on Friday.

Although MAKS is conventionally used by local and foreign civilian helicopter and airplane makers to market their products to possible buyers, one of the clear functions of the show is to exhibit the full power of Russia's air force, in addition to those of its rivals.

Over 150 organizations from 25 nations, including France, Germany, Belgium, the UK and Austria are participating in the weeklong event, despite sanctions that limit business they can legally conduct.

Russia’s Rostec state conglomerate, which supports production, development and export of technical industrial products for public and security sectors, intends to hold a series of business discussions with partners from Italy, the U.S., France, India, Malaysia and China.

Russia will roll out an extraordinary list advanced airplanes, including the Kamov Ka-52K helicopter meant for use with the Mistral amphibious war ships, an export edition of the Mil-28NE “Night Hunter” and VIP editions of the Mil-38 and Ansat choppers.

The Russian exhibition will also have the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft, Be-200ChS amphibious plane and the all-new Yak-152 trainer.

In another first, guests will have an opportunity to view the new Il-76MDK plane customized for zero-gravity spaceflight tutoring programs.

And, lastly, in the show’s major attraction, at least 80 helicopters and planes will execute a series of aerobatic acts, including Russia's original fifth-generation covert fighter, the Sukhoi T-5, which will be making its initial public appearance since the MAKS air show of 2013.

Guests will also be fortunate to watch a succession of roaring flybys by Russia's top-of-the-line Su-34 and Su-35 fighter planes.

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