French Unemployment Surges To Record Highs

French Unemployment Surges To Record Highs

Whatever it is that France and or Europe is doing, it isn't working. Despite numerous promises by the socialist Hollande government, French unemployment has risen non-stop for 4 years. It also just an all-time record record high in April, with 3.53 million people out of work. 20,000 new people were jobless from the month of March.

The news is likely a death blow to the government of President Francois Hollande, who has pledged to step aside in 2017 if he is unable to reverse the upward trend in unemployment.

While quarterly growth rose to .6 percent, the second highest in the EU, the labor ministry warned: "We will need a few months before the economic pick-up translates into jobs."

Clearly. It may be more than a year before even a dent is put into the latest figures.

Since Hollande was elected over three years ago, on the back of a socialist agenda, he has seen the monthly unemployment figures decline only four times and 600,000 more jobseekers have been added.

More concerning is that the percentage of long-term unemployed has grown by more than 10 percent in a year.

The terrible numbers have meant terrible numbers at the polls. Marin Le Pen's Front National Party is both leading in the polls, and pushing for an EU in/out referendum.

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