Global Study Finds Netflix, Spotify Are Dominating The Media Streaming Industry

Global Study Finds Netflix, Spotify Are Dominating The Media Streaming Industry

According to a study about media habits in France, French customers prefer to stand by good old fashioned live television rather than innovative digital streaming services such as Netflix.

According to the study – performed by Futuresource Consulting – 75 per cent of French participants said live TV is still their main viewing choice. In comparison the United Kingdom has seen that figure go down to 59 per cent.

In the UK that slack has been picked up by over the top (OTT) services, such as Netflix. At least 20 per cent of UK participants said they use Netflix, while 10 per cent stick to Amazon Prime Instant Video.

The research, which has been running for seven years now, examined the watching behaviors of people in Germany, Australia, Canada, France, the U.S and the UK.

While cost is still the primary reason for people abandoning pay-TV services in all nations, at least a third of pay-TV viewers shell out for an additional premium movie package, while at least 40 per cent opt for a sports service. In the United States, 57 per cent of viewers add on the live sports services.

Connected TV is ever more trendy, with the report indicating that at least 30 per cent opted for such a service, while 69 per cent received video or music entertainment services more than once a week, up from the previous report’s 63 per cent.

According to the findings of Futuresource, paid-for streaming videos and music is also becoming popular with the number of consumers having roughly doubled in all nations in the last year. In streaming music, Spotify remains the clear worldwide winner.

According to the report, “The evidence presented suggests that paid-for users are driving the overall streaming base higher. Germany is the one country which has 'broken out’; as those listening to any streaming service hit 31 per cent, up from 21 per cent."

It went on to say, "Finally all types of music consumption above have shown growth, apart from music downloading, which was stagnant in all countries apart from the U.S."

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