Google Readies Launch Of Spy Cameras In Your Home

Google Readies Launch Of Spy Cameras In Your Home

When Google says it wants to catalog all the world's information, it is deadly serious. Not simply content to know all your movements, payment and web browsing thanks to its Android phone system, the company's Nest division, which make internet-enabled thermostats, will reveal the successor to the Dropcam Pro at its annual developer show on June 17th.

A filing by “Nest Labs Inc.” on the Federal Communications Commission’s website lists a device described as a “Wireless Camera.” It includes a picture, which seems to show a circular base with the FCC logo stamped on it.

Soon after images of the spy camera appeared online which clearly show that Nest’s next product, supposedly called the Nest Cam, will be a wireless camera.

Rumors are that the Nest Cam will feature 1080p streaming and a simple setup process that involves Bluetooth and QR codes. A reworked app shows the ability to manage all of Nest’s products, including the company’s signature thermostat and its new camera.

Or put another way, Google, should you install one of these cameras, will now have access to a live video feed of what you're doing.

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