ISIS Announces Plan To Forcibly Mutilate Genitals Of 2 Million Iraqi Girls

ISIS Announces Plan To Forcibly Mutilate Genitals Of 2 Million Iraqi Girls

The international community continues to stand by largely idle as terror group ISIS commits the worst attrocities since the holocaust and word emerged this weekend that the scope of the depravity continues to deepen.

Fresh off the heels of abducting 500 more children, making it over 1000 for the month, to use as suicide bombers, ISIS announced a gruesome new plan.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS main leader, has ordered the female genital mutilation of two million Iraqi girls to “distance them from immorality,” according to reports in the region.

Al-Baghdadi called the order a ‘gift’ for women in Iraq. This will force Iraqi women to stay pure from ‘American immorality’ he went to say in a statement.

This order was predictably met with outrage by human rights organizations, who said that genital mutilation exposes women to diseases and amounts to mass scale forced sexual abuse.

Asil Jamal, a regional civil rights activist, said: “When ISIS was first arriving in Iraq, people were warmly welcoming them, but as a result of ISIS’ horrendous wishes, especially forced female circumcision, it is becoming clear for people that these ISIS militants don’t know anything else except torture.”

Given that the ISIS empire is founded on rape, genocide and child soldiers perhaps its time for the world community to take more decisive action to stop the atrocities before they reach holocaust scale.

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