ISIS Kills Children While Blowing Up Historical Iraqi Church

ISIS Kills Children While Blowing Up Historical Iraqi Church

Four children were killed "accidentallyā€¯ by Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists while they were blowing up a historical Christian church in the Iraqi city of Mosul, according to Kurdish officials.

The media officer for the Mosul branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) Saeed Mamuzini said the children were near the historical St Mary's church when bombs planted in the church exploded on Monday.

Mamuzin said the church, which stood in central Mosul, was "thousands of years" old.

It was the latest historical landmark in Mosul destroyed by ISIS in its rampage of destruction and terror since taking control of Iraq's second largest city.

The terrorists have blown up dozens of Christian churches and Shia mosques saying they were 'heretical structures' , including the 1,800-year-old Assyrian Christian church and the tomb of Prophet Jonah. The group released photos and videos of their sacrilegious acts.

The St Ephrem's Cathedral in Mosul, which once was the seat of the Syriac Orthodox archdiocese, is now used by ISIS as an ammunition depot. Experts say it is typical of ISIS to store military equipment and munitions in historical religious buildings they have not destroyed, as they believe American forces and their allies will not bomb them.

Similarly other terrorist organization in the Middle East launch rocket attacks from residential areas and use human shields to deter retaliatory strikes. If there is a strike back which kills civilians, they then use these deaths as propaganda tools saying their enemies kill civilians.

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