It's Official: 2016 White House Race Will Likely Be Bush vs Clinton

It's Official: 2016 White House Race Will Likely Be Bush vs Clinton

Jeb Bush made an informal announcement that he will formally announce he is running for president, in two weeks.

In a strange tweet published early Thursday morning, he announced "Coming soon..." with a link to a website funded by "Jeb 2016, Inc."

A senior aide then clarified to the media that he will make the official announcement on June 15th.

The move ends a 'will he, won't he' tour of the country as merely a prospective presidential candidate. His official press conference will take place at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus.

The location is an indication he will make education one of his central policy goals, a strategy he used when he was governor of Florida.

For America, Bush's candidacy brings more of the same old D.C. politics from a dynasty American family. There has not been an election in over 20 years that did not feature either a Bush or a Clinton.

Should either of them make it to office, which is the probably outcome given both are the favorites of their respective parties, America will see more of the same thinking and more of the same people running the White House.

While America needs change, big corporations, who determine who gets elected, want people they can trust not to rock the status quo.

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