“Sexting,” “Crowdfunding” and “Photobomb” Added To Oxford English Dictionary

“Sexting,” “Crowdfunding” and “Photobomb” Added To Oxford English Dictionary

“Sexting,” “crowdfunding” and “photobomb” have been officially recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary

The Oxford English Dictionary recently added 500 words to the official English Lexicon, according to its quarterly update today, including “crowdfund,” “twitterati,” and “photobomb.”  Many of the words technology users have been saying for a while now are being added to the OED.

“Blu-ray,” “camming,” and “deep web” are a few more of the words related to technology and social media.  Some of these words are a little late in being added, but history is often slow to catch up to technology.

Other words like “sexting,” “meh,” and “twerk” were thrown in, and undoubtedly more terms from the social media generation will soon follow.

The new words illustrate the changing vocabulary of modern English as entire generations grow up in a wired and always connected world that requires new language to properly describe.


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