Silicon Scammer Ellen Pao Appeals Her Loss In Court

Silicon Scammer Ellen Pao Appeals Her Loss In Court

Conniving Silicon Valley scammer Ellen Pao is still going for the money. The supposed female rights advocate, and current Reddit CEO, will appeal the result of a gender discrimination lawsuit she brought against the powerful Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers, according to a court document filed on Monday.

In March, a San Francisco jury cleared Kleiner Perkins of claims it stalled Pao's career because she is a woman, instead finding that Pao and her husband hatched an elaborate plan to sue KPCB after Pao's plan to sleep and blackmail her way to the top of the firm failed.

Pao was described by partners as a decidedly average investor with poor skills at dealing with portfolio companies, which was the reason her career did not advanced. Pao had been receiving increasingly negative performance reviews at the time she sought a promotion.

Yet Ms. Pao's brazen, and vocal, attempt to publicly extort the firm has sparked a wide discussion about gender at the center of the U.S. technology industry.

Kleiner spokeswoman Christina Lee stated: "We remain committed to gender diversity in the workplace and believe that women in technology would be best served by focusing on this issue outside of continued litigation."

Currently the venture capital firm is seeking to recover about $973,000 of its litigation costs, while Pao's lawyers argue, for some bizarre reason, that she should not have to pay.

A hearing on costs is set for later this month.

Kleiner has generously offered to withdraw its costs request in exchange for an end to the case, which is common when defendants prevail in employment lawsuits.

For more on the full details of Pao's extortion plot, see our coverage here.

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