Why Tens Of Thousands Will Try To Live On $1.50 Per Day This Week

Why Tens Of Thousands Will Try To Live On $1.50 Per Day This Week

Today marks the start of the Live Below The Line Challenge, an international effort raise awareness about poverty and related nutrition issues.

From 27th April - 1st May, contestants across the world will come together to unite against extreme poverty.

The challenge is simple. Spend no more than $1.50 per day for your food and drink for 5 days, and use your experience to change perspectives and behaviors. Participants raise money by accepting sponsorships while the organization running the event vets charities to ensure funds are distributed in a responsible fashion.

Bonnie Wright, who has supported the campaign for the past 3 years, had this to say after her 2014 campaign:

"I am grateful for this opportunity to highlight and support the 1.2 billion people living below the poverty line through raising awareness including for myself, my friends and my followers on social media. Also through my sponsor page I received many generous donations that will go towards The Global Poverty Project's work in ending global poverty. My week served as a valuable pause for reflection and gratitude that I do not have to make daily choices between adequate food, medicine or education for myself and my family.

Empathy is more effective than sympathy."

To participate in the challenge visit: www.livebelowtheline.com

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