Yemen Rebels Shell Saudi City Causing Mass Casualties

Yemen Rebels Shell Saudi City Causing Mass Casualties

Houthi rebels in Yemen have reportedly shelled a Saudi city, resulting in major casualities according to scattered reports from the region.

Saudi involvement in Yemen has been slipping from public knowledge after they announced publicly that they had halted their air campaign against Yemen's Houthi rebels on April 21st. This has not, in fact, happened as the Saudis quietly resumed the attacks the following day.

The Yemen civil war and the skirmishes with Houthi rebels along the border with the world's biggest oil exporter were mostly forgotten until this morning, when the Saudi press and social media was overrun with reports that the Saudi city of Najran was shelled by Houthi mortars, an attack which Saudi advisor to the armed forces Ahmed Asiri said "will not pass without a response".

The news was confirmed by Bloomberg which also quoted state-run television, citing coalition spokesman Ahmed Asseri. All schools in the province bordering Yemen are now closed.

According to unconfirmed Twitter reports there have been "many casualties" in the attack. The attack appears quite senseless on the surface as it simply forces the Saudi national guard, already prepared for a land incursion, to enter Yemen.

This could have been planned all along, and speculation has emerged that this was merely the latest Middle Eastern false flag provocation in order to give the Saudis a reason to officially enter Yemen.

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