10 Celebrity Diets That Are Actually Shown To Get Results



The way our bodies look are a big deal and its an even bigger deal for celebrities, who are under the spotlight 24/7. While you shouldn't trust everything you hear from celebrities, they definitely take their eating seriously. We looked at some of the best celebrity eaters and came up with a list of 10 different celebrity diets that actually get results, if you follow them closely.

There's no magic secrets here but there are great tips and tricks to eat better and eat the foods that are right for your individual body and your life.


The Five Factor Diet

Eva Mendes, star of “The Other Guys” and “Hitch”, is known for having a rocking body, and she uses this diet to help get there. It consists of five meals a deal with each meal having five ingredients. The ingredients that she targets are protein, unsaturated fats, carbs and drinks that have no sugar in them. The fifth she mixes up to keep things interesting.


Maple Syrup Diet

Used by Beyonce Knowles this weird diet helped the singer to lose around 19 pounds. Its one of the simpler diets, where all you need to do is consume a mixture that has maple syrup as a base for a ten-day period. It is said to get rid of toxins and speed up your metabolism and features lots of lemons to do so.


Holistic Detox

Kate Moss used the holistic detox diet to lose 21 pounds through eating a large variety of very specific foods. Some of these foods include red meat, nuts and even tea and it even advises eaters to chew 10 times before swallowing to improve digestion.


The Hampton's

Sarah Jessica Parker is the most famous user of this diet which helped her lose 15 pounds. All it requires is eating the foods that's on the outer edges of the grocery store, which means lots of raw fruits and veggies, nuts and fish. The key focus is avoiding processed foods and going fresh.


The Three Hour Diet

One of the most popular diets, this intense eating plan is used if you need to slim down right away for that neat little bathing suit. It entails eating six very small meals every three hours in order to keep your cravings in check and prevent overeating.


Macrobiotic Diet

Madonna lost 12 pounds through the use of this high fiber diet. She ate uncooked foods and anything related made of soy, but while this diet yields results its also nutrient deficient and shouldn't be used long term.


Raw Foods

Another diet popular with lots of celebrities, this diet addresses the fact that when you cook fruits and vegetables you're going to lose the nutrients that are inside. The raw foods diet allows you to eat from all the food groups. You can even eat under-cooked meats, nuts and even juices.


The Zone Diet

Jennifer Anniston makes use of this particular diet, known for its mathematical approach to eating. It uses the ratio of 40:30:30 when it comes to the carb/fat/protein intakes. Simple yet mathematically grounded, which is why celebrities trust it to deliver results.


Blood Type Diet

Elizabeth Hurley uses this modern diet that is determined through your blood type. A types are get more fruits and veggies while type O's get an abundance of red meats. There's increasing research around this method, as all people's bodies don't process foods the same.


Feno Type Diet

Oprah swears by this diet that, similar to the Blood Type Diet, focuses on your genes to help you choose the food that will work best for your body. The scientists behind this diet found that there are 6 different gene types that can apply to this diet, and Oprah is said to have lost around 19 pounds through the use of it.

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