British ISIS Recruit Writes Blog Complaining About His Rude Terrorist Comrades

British ISIS Recruit Writes Blog Complaining About His Rude Terrorist Comrades

A former British grocery store security guard turned Islamic State fighter is setting the blogosphere alight with his latest post, yet the revelations don’t fit with the inspirational narrative his media savvy bosses frequently spew.

British born Omar Hussain, who is 27 years old, complained about the rudeness of his Arab comrades, their eating habits, their bad driving and a string of other complaints that certainly won't endear him to his fellow terrorists in Syria.

Hussain's blog rant isn't the first time the former employee of Morrisons supermarket in High Wycombe, England, has complained about ISIS's working and living conditions. Earlier this year he complained he had not been provided with a peeler to peel potatoes and that he was having problems washing his clothes. But the coup de grâce, which may have set back ISIS' online recruiting efforts, was his complaint he had not yet found a jihadi ‘bride’ - something which experts say is one of the terror group's biggest selling points.

The Islamic State is known to use captured sex slaves as a key weapon of both war and recruiting.

In his latest blog Hussain, using the name Abu Seed al Britani, also complained about how his Islamic extremist colleagues, supposedly in between fighting, training, praying and watching beheadings, were stealing his shoes, using his mobile phone charger without his permission and talking loudly as he was trying to sleep.  

His blog also warned westerner considering going to Syria of “inevitable clashes in cultures.”

Hussain wrote “If one is unaware of these cultural differences then it could be quite peculiar, annoying and, at times, somewhat stressful to interact and associate with them.”

Hussain is not the only British jihadist who has complained of life with ISIS. Recently jailed Imran Khawaja, complained online that when he was in Syria he couldn't get soft toilet paper or moisturizer.

From his blog it appears that Hussain, who lived with his mother until he defected to ISIS in Syria, has attempted to teach his terrorist colleagues some manners. He wrote that when it was his job to serve food, he would not give any out until “every single one of them was sitting down in their seat.”

He wrote "Unfortunately I had to treat them like primary school students. The difference between an Arab and a non-Arab in their manners is like the difference between the Heavens and the Earth.”

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