Bush Flops While Trump Comes Out On Top In Most Recent GOP Debate


Bush Flops While Trump Comes Out On Top In Most Recent GOP Debate


Polls concerning the most recent Republican presidential debate that took place in Colorado on Wednesday evening show that Donald Trump was the big winner and Jeb Bush was the big loser.

The debate also featured argumentative moderators, falsely stated facts and general time complaints, as it seemed that every candidate had something to complain about by the time the debate concluded.

Another unusual aspect was that Donald Trump and Ben Carson, who are leading the Republican polls by nearly unsurmountable margins, were given particularly short talking times.

One report showed that Carly Fiorina led candidates in total talking time with ten and a half minutes, while Bush pulled up the rear with a mere six minutes and eight seconds. As for Trump and Carson, they were third and ninth respectively.

Another clock showed Marco Rubio leading the actual debate talking time, while Trump was fifth and Carson was eighth. Bush was last in both polls.

Many viewers said that Jeb Bush was “bland” when he discussed his plans to achieve 4% growth. His explanation received very little applause, and analysts said that it was unlikely to drum up any new, much-needed support.

After the debate, Trump took to Twitter to make fun of Bush’s failure.

Trump tweeted, “Jeb, just suspend your campaign now. Literally no one cares. I've never seen a bigger choke job.”

During the debate, Trump was criticized by Harwood for running what he called a “comic book campaign”. Trump responded by criticizing Harwood and defending his tax plan, which received much approval from the audience.

Ted Cruz attacked moderators John Harwood and Carl Quintanilla, saying that their criticisms of his fellow candidates represented a double standard between the Republican and Democrat debates. This angered the moderators, who seemingly shunned Cruz for the remainder of the debate.

At another point, candidate Chris Christie laid into moderator Harwood when he said, “Even in New Jersey, what you’re doing is called rude.

The public did chime in to say that Trump delivered the best one-liner of the night, as a poll showed that 34% of voters believe that the businessman turned politician was the most quotable. Marco Rubio was second with 24%.

With this debate out of the way, it wouldn’t be a surprise for many floundering candidates, such as Bush, to make their exit. Still, Trump appears to be pulling away.

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