Chinese Tourist Beaten To Death In Hong Kong After Companion Did Not Buy Jewelry


Chinese Tourist Beaten To Death In Hong Kong After Companion Did Not Buy Jewelry


Hong Kong police have arrested a Chinese tour group leader and a Hong Kong based tour guide for allegedly beating a Chinese tourist to death after he intervened in an argument between them and another tourist.

Police say 53-year-old construction contractor Miao Chunqi from northeastern Heilongjiang province died in a Hong Kong hospital earlier today after he was beaten unconscious by a group of four men, including the tour guide and tour leader, who have been charged with manslaughter. Police are still searching for the other two other men.

A police spokesperson says an autopsy will be conducted to establish the exact cause of death.

The spokesperson says Chungi and his 53 year old female companion were part of a group of 19 mainland Chinese tourists who arrived in Hong Kong on Sunday.

Apparently as part of the tour they were on, the group had been taken to a jewelry shop. An argument began with the tour group leader when Miao’s companion did not make a purchase.

The police spokesperson says, “The victim tried to mediate but was allegedly attacked by a group of four men. Initial investigation showed he was dragged out of the shop and attacked again. The four attackers fled before police officers arrived."

Tour leaders are often paid a percentage of the purchase price of items bought by their tour groups.

Joseph Tung Yao-chung, the executive director of the Hong Kong Travel Industry says incidents such as this will damage the city’s shopping paradise reputation. Through the media Yao-chung made an appeal to tourists, tour leaders and tour guides to solve disputes through discussion, not violence.

“We have zero tolerance for such violence,” he says, adding his council will be following up on the case once police had completed their investigation. He did not elaborate what that follow up will involve.

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