Former Apple, Google & Amazon Vets Launching New Smartphone September 1st


Former Apple, Google & Amazon Vets Launching New Smartphone September 1st


Big Smartphone companies may like Sony may be quitting, but that has not done much to deter other companies from taking their places. Co-founder and Chief Executive of Nextbit Systems, a new San Francisco-based company, Tom Moss said that his organization is getting ready to launch a Smartphone that he described as “friggin’ awesome” on September 1st.

Nextbit Systems was founded in 2003 and embarked on a startup that concentrated its energy on a cloud-based device that enabled the end-users to transfer settings and files between various devices. The organization has since gained ground, and plans to introduce a new android device. It has the backing of Google Ventures, which invested $18 million in the organization's Series A round.  

Since that time, the organization has hired notable people in the industry, including the former HTC design executive behind the design of One M8, Scott Croyle. Croyle is a significant addition to a panel that already had Mike Chan and Moss – a couple of notable brains in the initial development of Android – as well as many other gifted engineering experts from companies like Amazon, Google and Apple.

Currently, the company is focused on differentiating itself in the already crowded industry. According to Moss, the Nextbit Smartphone comes with an enhanced android version, and a design that reflects the biggest hits of HTC.

Confident about the new Smartphone, Moss said, “We’re supercharging it.” The organization promises, “Your phone will perform better over time and function at a higher level because of this software enhancement.”

Considering that every technology becomes outdated and redundant, the promise made by Nextbit Systems is big. In pursuit of its Android vision, Nextbit says it will not adopt the approach taken by Amazon, which integrated Android with Fire OS; on the contrary, it considers itself the carrier of the vision of the development team that came up with the original android.

Moss further explained that the new device will address the issue of storage, which affects ordinary smartphones. Nextbit Systems intends to call upon its background as a cloud device developer to construct a structure that enables users to store as many songs, videos, photos and apps as they wish.

Moss did not mention the exact price of the phone, but he hinted that it will fall in Android’s $300 to $400 price range. The company’s success remains a matter of speculation but Nextbit seems certain of its chances. Moss said that the company was trying something different because phone fatigue is reality.

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