Get Your WiFi Toasters Ready: Google To Release Internet Of Things Operating System Next Week

Get Your WiFi Toasters Ready: Google To Release Internet Of Things Operating System Next Week

Everyone's been dying to connect their toaster to the internet and Google may be the next big company to take on the challenge. Reports indicate that Google has developed secret software that can run on low-power devices and give them the ability to communicate with other connected devices nearby. Say, for instance, your toaster telling your fridge you just had two pieces of toast.

Internally, the software is called "Brillo," but it may debut under an Android name next week, at Google's I/O conference, in which it showcases every new and exciting its been working on. Reports are that the software can be used on everything from major home appliances like refrigerators to smaller tech like garden monitors, thanks to its ability to consume very little power and require unsophisticated computer controllers to run - it's reported to be designed for devices that have as little as 32MBs or 64MBs of RAM.

The software will likely be barebones at first, rather than being a complete system with apps and services.

At this point nobody really knows how it will all look but a lot of companies are diving into the area. Microsoft is releasing Windows 10 IoT Core that's designed for ATMs, ultrasound machines, and wearable tech devices.

Chinese company Huawei, if they are to be trusted, is making an OS that's 10 kilobytes in size and meant to connect very small IoT gadgets.

Samsung recently announced a series of chips for IoT devices as well, while Apple is rumored to be launching a set of apps that work with Apple devices to control your home.

Connecting everyday objects is going to be big and there's lots of money up for grabs for whoever can be the central player. Everyone knows this and wants to get there first.

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