ISIS Forced Abducted Women To Have Abortions Before Being Sold As Sex Slaves

ISIS Forced Abducted Women To Have Abortions Before Being Sold As Sex Slaves

Three women who escaped from ISIS claim that the militants force young women sold into slavery to have abortions. ISIS has been capturing young women from Iraq and selling them off as sex slaves. These women who were lucky to escape now tell their story.

Bushra, 21, narrates how she was abducted by ISIS militia men who had raided her home in Sinjar province, Iraq, last August. She says that after raiding their village, the soldiers lined them up and had each of them inspected by gynecologists, to determine if they were virgins or if they were pregnant.

According to Bushra, “One of my friends was pregnant. Her child was about three months in the womb. They took her into another room. There were two doctors and they did the abortion.

"Afterwards, they brought her back. I asked her what happened and how they did it. She said the doctors told her not to speak."

Bushra said her friend was left bleeding so heavily she could not walk or talk.

Another escapee, Noor, 22, remembers being examined by the invading ISIS militants. Noor said they examined her “belly, teeth and breasts” before one settled on her. The fighters showed her a letter saying that any captured woman would become a muslim if 10 ISIS fighters raped her. Noor said she was raped by 11 fighters.

The Yazidi’s, a small minority in Iraq, to which Bushra and Noor belong, believe in one god who created the whole earth before leaving it in the delicate care of a peacock angel. The minority has been the target of ISIS fighters who accuse them of devil worship.

ISIS controversially claims that abducting non-muslim women and girls and raping them is permitted by the Quran. Islamic scholars refute this vehemently.

Another escaped victim, Munira, said she was sold twice to ISIS fighters. Traumatized by the experience, Munira attempted suicide by swallowing a whole bottle of pills. Munira said, "I collapsed and didn't die. They took me to the hospital and in the hospital I woke up."

Munira said many others had tried to kill themselves. Some succeeded, other did not. She said, "One day, there were 14 girls with me," says Bushra. "They tried to kill themselves by drinking rat poison, but [ISIS] took them to the hospital and cleaned their stomachs.

"They told us: 'We will not let you die so easy.'"

Munira, Noor and Bushra were lucky to have escaped. The three have been granted asylum in the west and are working with authorities to spread the word against ISIS and radicalization. The trio said they wanted to reveal the truth about ISIS and possibly save those they left behind.

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