Mayweather Sued For Lying About Girlfriend He Beat


Mayweather Sued For Lying About Girlfriend He Beat


On Tuesday, the mother of three of Floyd Mayweather's children filed a defamation lawsuit against the boxer, for telling lies in a recent interview about her being on drugs the morning of a 2010 domestic violence incident.

Josie Harris is asking for $20 million in damages after the fighter told Katie Couric that she was on drugs and he was just trying to hold her back during the altercation.

The boxer has a long history of beating his girlfriends, usually in front of his own children.

Mayweather was previously arrested in September of 2010 after law enforcement said he punched Harris at his Las Vegas home, where she was living with his two young sons and a daughter.

The fighter pleaded guilty 14 months later to a reduced charge of misdemeanor battery and two counts of harassment. He served just two months in jail, highlighting his status within the close-knit Las Vegas community.

In her lawsuit, Harris says the 5-foot-8 boxer, came into the home as she slept on a couch and began punching and kicking her. He also dragged her around the house in front of their children, the document says.

Harris now lives in Valencia, California and filed suit in Los Angeles County on Tuesday, claiming defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligent infliction of emotional distress. The choice of venue will likely ensure a fair hearing, given Mayweather's status within the Vegas community.

Harris adamantly denied being a drug abuser or drug addict, and her attorney said in the court filing: "It was not Mayweather's 'restraint' of Harris that caused her serious injuries, rather it was his beating of her."

Harris had to go to the hospital after the early morning incident. She was treated for head, facial and bodily injuries and suffered cuts and deep bruises.

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