Netflix Moves To Children's TV, Will Produce 'Green Eggs And Ham'

Netflix Moves To Children's TV, Will Produce 'Green Eggs And Ham'

Netflix continues its quest to disrupt the film and television industry as it announced plans Thursday to adapt Green Eggs and Ham - Dr. Seuss' famous creation - and make it into a TV animation. Thirteen episodes will make up the first series, the release date of which is unknown.

Netflix's new project is the most recent of several, notably Daredevil, as the company increasingly competes with cable TV and its repeat episodes.

"Thirteen episodes will be done, as a part of season one"

The show will detail the exploits of inventor Guy and friend Sam-I-Am as they travel on a trip across the country that "tests the limits of their friendship." We'll likely get to watch Sam-I-Am attempt to force-feed his friend spoiled food in various locations, while we learn how to compose rudimentary rhyming schemes. Plot details are yet to be revealed but, spoiler alert, Netflix says that the characters will, at some point, eat the now-famous Green Eggs and Ham.

The show marks a move by the company to target kids, which it has had some trouble reaching. The company tried with Richie Rich, considered something of a mistake, but its new show is unlikely to become a mess: it's exec-produced by Ellen Degeneres.

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