Nokia To Start Making Phones Again

Nokia To Start Making Phones Again

In what will surely be welcome news for the Finnish economy, which has been devastated by job losses at the national icon, rumours are circulating that the iconic manufacturer will start producing smartphones again.

Recode, citing two unnamed sources, claims the Finnish company already has plans to start releasing mobile devices once non-compete with Microsoft expires at the end of this year. The effort is being led by Nokia Technologies, the company’s licensing arm, which holds some 10,000 patents covering advanced mobile phone technologies.

The company’s new line of smartphones will allegedly look a lot like its recently released N1 Android tablet, which bodes well for the company as the n1 is generally thought of as a pretty good device. The device would likely run Google's Android operating system with some minor modifications.

Interestingly, the company has also been working on a virtual reality solution as well.

While the company still has a steep mountain to climb to regain its former glory the strong brand and legendary build quality could make for a compelling new product. Still, this is exciting news for such a historic brand.

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