Russian Soldiers Quit Army Over Ukraine Invasion

Russian Soldiers Quit Army Over Ukraine Invasion

Reports emerged early Sunday that confirm Russia has in fact invaded Ukraine.

According to Reuters, the invasion has caused low morale among troops and sparked waves of them quitting, in protest over the act of war. The reports came from several soldiers and human rights activists.

Their accounts further expose Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's lies on the matter, where he has repeatedly claimed that any Russians fighting alongside rebels there are volunteers.

These claims have never been taken seriously by the world, who saw pictures of Russian soldiers having brand new Russian issue uniforms, Russian weapons and Russian heavy machinery.

The latest findings support both the overwhelming physical evidence and first hand testimony from soldiers' families and from Ukrainians who say they were captured by Russian paratroopers.

Yet it has been rare to find Russian soldiers who have fought there and are willing to speak about the invasion. Reuters was able to speak to five newly retired Russian soldiers who confirm the invasion was a Russian military operation and that it routinely targeted civilian populations in mass shellings of key Ukrainian cities.

The revelations should spark fresh calls to investigate Russia for war crimes, not only for the invasion but namely for the massacre of civilian populations. Russian troops have repeatedly shelled Ukrainian civilian populations, causing thousands of casualties.

Russia is a permanent member of the U.N. security.

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