The New Apple TV Will Be A Periscope Streaming, Social Gaming Living Room Hub

The New Apple TV Will Be A Periscope Streaming, Social Gaming Living Room Hub

As traditional game companies Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have begun to incorporate various video and music streaming services into their consoles, Apple has plans to turn the tables.

New features for its latest iteration of its streaming hardware device Apple TV will include a better graphics processor and a game controller-style remote, again blurring the lines between once separate entertainment modes.

Another key addition will be live-streaming app Periscope, which is also rumored to be working on integration into the new device.

The move could give a much needed boost in visibility to the Twitter-owned company and its ten million strong user base.

The Periscope app allows users to broadcast a live video stream to their followers, who can then communicate with the broadcaster in real time. With the addition of Periscope to Apple TV, users would more easily be able to view live streams from their television, though they will not be able to broadcast with their Apple TV, which lacks a built-in camera.

New features for the device will also include a touch-based remote, increased storage, and Siri integration. Yes, that means your days of typing searches into Apple TV or using iOS Remote are over.

The price tag for the new box may be up to $149, which would place it much higher than competitor Roku 3 ($99), which also has voice search capability, but no gaming function. If history is any guide, Apple aficionados will likely have no issue with this price point.

Although gaming has become more mainstream due to its increased availability on smartphones and other mobile devices, Apple could further boost the phenomenon with the new device.

The addition of its gaming function puts the new Apple TV into the “microconsole” category, which is a title that was created by the serious gamer community. All previous entrants into the microconsole market have not done too well, including the PlayStation TV and Nvidia Shield. Outside of the gamer community, however, these companies lack the brand awareness of Apple, which means it could become a force to be reckoned with in the living room.

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